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            SITE LISTINGS for Paint and Coatings

              RAN CHEMIALS PVT. LTD

            • “The RAN group of companies is engaged in the manufacturing of speciality polymers and resins since 1987. Our products find applications in textile, paper & powder paint industry and other industrial applications like car
            • http://www.ranchemicals.in

              Yen Fine Chemicals

            • We are a reputed Engineering Industry specialized in Design, Fabrication, Erection & Commission of process Equipment and Chemical plants. We cater to the needs of Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Food Processing, Cold Rolling St
            • http://www.yenplas.com

              TIB CHEMICALS

            • We specialise in the production of Basic Chemicals, Inorganic Specialty Chemicals and Coating Systems. Within these units, we develop a wide range of products that fulfil nearly all the requirements of companies needin
            • http://www.tib-chemicals.com

              Toronto Research Chemicals

            • It is our policy to combine safety and economy to provide the quickest, most efficient method of transportation. TRC uses priority overnight delivery services. Whenever possible, we will ship by the method specified by
            • http://www.trc-canada.com

              Saif Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

            • Saif Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has catered to the needs of various industrial sectors engaged in Leather Tanning, Leather Goods, Textile and Paints. The company is actively affianced in the manufacturing, supplying and expor
            • http://www.saifchemicals.com

              Bansal Trading Company

            • Bansal Trading Company is a 50 year old company having excellent marketing and distribution channels for chemicals and paint raw materials in Northern Indian Region. We are bulk distributors to the Paint and Ink Industry.
            • http://www.chem-india.com

              Chattem Chemicals, Inc.

            • Chattem Chemicals, Inc. manufactures a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and performance chemicals used in consumer and industrial markets. Our products are used world-wide in an extensive range of cu
            • http://www.chattemchemicals.com

              Chartwell International, Inc.

            • The Corporation was formed in January 1991 by Lawrence B. Cohen as a manufacturer of unique proprietary metal organic adhesion promoters marketed worldwide to manufacturers of specialty rubbers, coatings, abrasives, ad
            • http://www.chartwellintl.com

              R E Carroll, Inc

            • Being a dependable source of supply is essential to our customers. For more than 70 years, R.E. Carroll has represented major manufacturers of advanced process materials. These raw materials and chemicals are required
            • http://www.recarroll.com

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