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            SITE LISTINGS for Custom Manufacturing


            • Sun Rise Chemical was founded in June 1975 with a vision of providing total solution regarding brightening and whitening in paper and textile industries. By focusing on the production on optical brightening agents (OBA) an
            • http://www.sunrise-oba.com

              Samwon Industry co.,ltd.

            • With over 30-year history, Samwon Industry is a specialist in fluorescent brighteners which has stable short- and long-term business structures, continues to invest in R&D, and focuses on export to be a leading fluorescent
            • http://www.samwon21.com

              Bodal Chemicals Ltd.

            • Bodal Chemicals, formerly known as J K Pharma incorporated in 1989, is a leader in Dye & Dye Intermediates. The quest began with two enterprising young men Mr. Suresh Patel and Mr. Ramesh Patel, willing to take on the worl
            • http://www.bodal.com

              Savvy Colors

            • Our prime target with each production is to provide superiative quality on a consistent basis, keeping in mind some defined internationally accepted parameters. Each time we succeed in doing this with a synchrony between m
            • http://www.savvycolors.com

              UshantiColour Chem Pvt. Ltd.

            • Best manufactures those TURQUOISES. one of the largest plants for manufacturing TURQUOISES like DIRECT BLUE 86, 199 REACTIVE BLUE 21,25,38,71,77,140 Pigments Alpha & Beta Blue Intermediate CPC Blue Crude In Standardized, C
            • http://www.ushanti.com

              Akik Dye Chem

            • Akik Dye Chem, managed by the Rangwala (Savaijiwala) Group, was established in the year 1989 as a Proprietary Concern Unit. The Company started its 1st Manufacturing Unit to produce Reactive Dyes for catering the needs of
            • http://www.akikdyechem.com


            • In the world of Dyestuffs, one company has consistantly shown the dynamism and integrity of a principal player R.A.DYESTUFFS (INDIA) P. LIMITED. We are one of the oldest companies form India offering whole range of Reactiv
            • http://www.colorexindia.com

              CAMEX LIMITED

            • CAMEX LIMITED colour’s your ideas giving them a new dimension. It encompasses the Manufacturing, Import and Export of dyes and Intermediates, Pigments and Specialty Chemicals. It is the main alliance of the CAMEX Conglome
            • http://www.camexltd.com

              Bi-Ki Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

            • Welcome to Bi-Ki Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, a well established company in India since 1998, has been dedicated to make a better world through diverse business which has an unbeatable edge and has earned a reputation of bei
            • http://www.bi-ki.com

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